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Since 15 Dec 2015 the XXL database will be open for public access

The first data release (DR1) will occur at the same time of the submission to arXiv of the papers for the XXL special issue of A&A.

Follow the simple instructions below (the buttons open and close the relevant section).

  • content of the DR1 release
    The DR1 release will contain the following database tables, associated to the relevant XXL papers published at the same time.

    Database table
    XXL_100_GC The 100 brightest clusters master catalogue II III XIII
    XXL_1000_AGN The 1000 brightest X-ray point sources VI
    XXL_VLA_15 The VLA 3GHz catalogue of supercluster XLSSC-e IX
    XXL_ATCA_15 The ATCA pilot sample in XXL-S XI
    XXL_AAOmega_15The AAOmega redshift catalogue in XXL-S XIV
    xxlpointings The list of XXL XMM pointings I

    X-ray data products advertised in Paper I are associated to table xxlpointings.

    All tables are also available at CDS under the collective heading of catalogue IX/49

  • please register to access
    New public users interested in accessing public (DR1) XXL data related to first batch of XXL papers should note what follows:

    • They shall register to the public group, pressing the Login button
      then clicking on new registration to public area
      then filling in the form, submitting it pressing Register
      then wait for the confirmation e-mail and act as instructed in it
    • Once registered they can login whenever they want in the public group.
    • It is advised to read the general help file (pressing the Help button)

    • Users unable to register because of firewall setting at their side, can as last resort use username public pw public (this will be enabled in the future)

    See also animated PDF tutorial (animation works in full screen)

  • to access and retrieve the catalogues
    Soon after access (or later at any time via the New query or Modify query) you are shown the Tables page, which lists the DR1 database tables.
    • if you put the mouse on a table name you will see a short table tip
    • if you click on a table name this opens a detailed table help page
    • if you tick the tick box near the table name (one at a time) you are selecting the table for retrieval.

    • then click on Get all columns to retrieve the entire table, or click Simple or Advanced query to perform a database query (consult the general Help file).
    • the Query results page will offer you the possibilities to View Data on the screen or to Save As FITS or ASCII files.
    • The User data page allows you to download or delete the generated file immediately or later. Please delete after download.

    See also animated PDF tutorial (animation works in full screen)

  • to access and retrieve data products
    The data products released in DR1 according to XXL Paper I are for each XMM pointing, soft and hard band, MOS1, MOS2 and pn camera):
    • (photon) X-ray images (per band)
    • (smoothed) wavelet images (per band)
    • exposure maps (per XMM camera and per band)

    They can be retrieved as individual images or packed in a tar file as explained below:
    See also animated PDF tutorial (animation works in full screen)

    • To retrieve the data products for a set of pointings one should issue any valid query on table xxlpointings returning one, a few, or all pointings, then
    • From the Query Results page press View data, then Object Related Files in the rightmost columns for the pointing of interest, then open the little folders until you see the name of the fits.gz file to download
    • Alternately from the Query Results page press Retrieve all objects related files, then open the folder of the category of interest, click on "online generation", enter a valid .tar.gz file name, and download it (soon or later at any time via the User data button).
    • Note the .tar.gz file will contain all images of all bands/cameras for all pointings returned by the query. If this number is large, performance is not guaranteed. Please act carefully (and delete after download).

The original news file for the XXL DB in Milan is here