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Welcome to the XXL Master Catalogue browser

The XXL is a large international multi-wavelength survey covering two 25 deg2 areas, the natural development of the XMM-LSS pilot survey. It is the largest XMM project approved to date.

A first batch of XXL papers appeared in a XXL special issue of A&A ! (see PR). Contextually, since 15 Dec 2015 the XXL database was opened for public access.
A second batch of papers and database tables is appearing on 4 Oct 2018 in a further XXL special issue of A&A ! (see ESA PR). See the "News" button for more details.

INAF IASF Milano has the responsibility to host the XXL Master catalogue database, as already done for XMM-LSS.

This interface will allow you to access the database, once you have logged in via the login button in the side bar. The help button gives access to extensive help about the usage of the interface. First time users will find initial instructions pressing the news button.

All users shall first register (i.e. select an username and password which they will later manage) using the appropriate link in the login form. They will become automatically members of the public workgroup, while Consortium users will be manually added to the xxl workgroup.

The xxl workgroup will contain working XXL data reserved for use to consortium members, while the public workgroup will contain published data accessible to anybody.

Comments and bug reports should be addressed to: lssadmin at lambrate.inaf.it

XXL home (Saclay)
XXL cluster (Lyon)
XMM-LSS DB (Milano)
IASF Milano home

The database DART interface exploits general purpose software developed by the Astronomical Software Group (Pandora team: B. Garilli, L. Chiappetti, P. Franzetti, M. Fumana, L. Paioro, M. Scodeggio) at INAF-IASF Milano.