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Welcome to the XMM-LSS Master Catalogue browser

The XMM-LSS is an international multi-wavelength survey managed by several astronomical institutes in Europe and Chile.

INAF IASF Milano has the responsibility to host the Master catalogue web site, where you can find further details.

This interface allows you to access the database, once you have logged in via the login button in the side bar. The help button gives access to extensive help about the usage of the interface. Use the news button to view the latest news.

First time public users will need to register (i.e. select an username and password which they will later manage) using the appropriate link in the login form. They will be members of the public workgroup.

Existing Consortium users will be automagically registered in all workgroups where they belong and to the public workgroup. New Consortium users will need to register first in the public workgroup, then send an e-mail to lssadmin at lambrate.inaf.it asking for insertion in other workgroups if entitled.

Comments and bug reports should be addressed to: lssadmin at lambrate.inaf.it

This new interface, replacing the original one, reuses general purpose software developed by the Astronomical Software Group at INAF-IASF Milan1.

XMM-LSS home (Liege)
XMM-LSS catalogue home (Milano)
IASF Milano home
Pandora team home

1 B. Garilli, L. Chiappetti, P. Franzetti, M. Fumana, L. Paioro, M. Scodeggio